Public Art Program

"Black Diamond"
Rebecca Ekstrand & Thomas Rosborough
Located at Douglas Ave & Berkshire Prky 
The Clive Public Art Program was established by the City Council in December 2007. The Public Arts Advisory Commission was also established at that time to oversee the operations of the public art program and advise the City Council on matters pertaining to visual public art within the city.

Click here to see the latest Annual Report of the Public Arts Advisory Commission's activities.

Also, the Public Arts Advisory Commission is always looking for opportunities to get Clive residents and businesses more involved in the program. Please click here to see program and project opportunities where you can get involved!

Clive Public Art Program Vision
The City of Clive will develop and nurture a public art program that will promote civic pride, add artful distinction to the beauty of the city and its important places, and contribute to the aesthetic education and appreciation of residents and visitors.

Clive Public Art Program Mission
The City of Clive Public Art Program exists to promote aesthetic excellence and enhance the artistic vitality of Clive. The City of Clive Public Art Program encourages excellence in the city’s public and private art, architecture, landscape, and streetscapes to enhance a high quality of life and create a vivid sense of place.

Clive Public Art Master Plan
Public art plays a significant role in a community. In order to create a successful public art program that reflects and enhances the community, a planning process must be organized which takes into account the views and attitudes of the community.

The Public Art Master Plan addresses those challenges and opportunities, and it charts a course for the creation of a public art program in Clive. Specifically, the plan:

  1. Establishes a vision for public art embracing Clive’s innovative attitude;

  2. Identifies geographic priorities for focusing resources;

  3. Recommends the planning, funding, and decision-making processes necessary to achieve the vision.

The entire public art master plan can be viewed here.