Winter Sidewalk Maintenance

Property owners are required to shovel sidewalks within 24 hours after the end of the snowfall. Here are tips to be efficient with your resources when it's time to clear the sidewalks.

“Help keep your neighborhood safe during winter weather”

Keeping your sidewalks clear from snow and ice protects pedestrians from possible slips and falls. Failure to clear your sidewalks could result in a citation. Do not deposit the snow in the street while clearing sidewalks and driveways. (Ref. Clive City Code 7-2-6: REMOVAL OF SNOW AND ICE ACCUMULATIONS)

Shovel early and often
When it comes to snow removal, there is no substitute for muscle and elbow grease. Deicers work best when there is only a thin layer of snow or ice that must be melted. Move as much snow as you can during the storm. A flat hoe can help to scrape ice off the surface before any deicers are applied. Be careful when chopping the ice build-up that you don't damage your sidewalk. 

Apply ice-melt early, but sparingly
The recommended application rate for ice-melt products are about a handful for every three square yards treated (after you have scraped as much ice and snow as possible).  If you have a choice in ice-melt products, pick one with calcium chloride over sodium chloride. Calcium chloride works at lower temperatures and is applied at a lower rate.