Clive water towerThe City of Clive receives water from Des Moines Water Works (DMWW), which is responsible for the initial treatment to insure the best quality before distributing it to the City. As it reaches our connection, the Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining the high quality of water until it flows out of your faucet.

The Water Department operates and maintains more than 102 miles of water mains, 1552 valves, 1162 fire hydrants, 7240 water meters, two elevated water storage facilities, one water booster station, and a fixed base automatic meter reading system.

Constantly monitoring our water for health and safety

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High water pressure -- How can I fix it?

Hydrant meters - How do I get one?

Irrigation - What do I need to know?

Water service - How do I sign up?

Water softeners - How hard is my water?

When will my neighborhood get a new water main?

Frequently Asked Questions about Water Distribution

For questions not addressed below, call Public Works at (515) 223-6231.