Clive Pavement Rehabilitation Plan

Building and Sustaining High Quality Streets In Clive

High quality streets are a top priority in Clive.  Over the past three years, the City Council and City staff have taken multiple actions to ensure Clive is positioned to improve and sustain street pavement throughout the City.

  • In 2017 the City conducted a comprehensive pavement management, design standards, and specification study to understand current street conditions and prepare for future needs. For a copy of the final report click here. 
  • Based on that study, the City updated its street construction policy to increase the projected life of new and reconstructed streets from 35 years to 50 years.  Building to the 50 year standard will provide longer lasting streets and deliver greater value for Clive residents and businesses. The street construction policy is available here.
  • In addition to regular field inspections by City staff,  the City partners with the Iowa Department of Transportation and Iowa State University on a bi-annual basis to evaluate pavement conditions and assign a City Pavement Condition Index (CityPCI) score to every street in Clive. Those scores--as well as staff street inspections and plans for other infrastructure work like water and sewer pipe replacements--help the City prioritize street rehabilitation projects to maximize pavement life and deliver greater value for taxpayers.
  • In 2019, the City set minimum average CityPCI targets for arterial streets, collector streets, and residential streets.  The City's goal is to maintain an average of 75 CityPCI for arterial streets, 70 CityPCI for collector streets, and 65 CityPCI for local streets. Note that CityPCI scores are higher for arterial and collector streets because they carry more traffic at higher speeds than local streets.  Based on 2017 data, Clive's arterial and collector streets average 77.5 CityPCI, and local streets average 64.1 CityPCI. The full pavement management system policy--including the classification of each street in Clive--is available here.
  • In 2019 the City also created a ten year capital improvement plan (CIP) for Clive streets.  This plan is driven by the City's past research on best pavement rehabilitation practices and current street conditions.  The plan includes budget projections and target timelines for each minor rehabilitation, major rehabilitation, and total pavement reconstruction project.  The descriptions of minor, major, and total reconstruction work are here.
  • To execute the ten year streets CIP plan, the City would need to spend an average of  $3.1 million annually on pavement capital improvements from FY 2019-20 through FY2029-30.  The current streets CIP schedule is available here.  Maps of all the proposed pavement projects in the CIP are below and here.