Accommodating everyone using City sidewalks

To contact code enforcement call (515) 223-6221 EXT: 5085

Every property owner is required to maintain, at their expense, the public sidewalk and parking adjacent to their property. This includes keeping the sidewalk free of debris, clear of snow and ice, and in a reasonable state of repair (Ref. City Code 7-2-6.  See also Winter Sidewalk Maintenance.)

Please be courteous of pedestrians who use the sidewalk abutting your property – ensure that tree branches are trimmed to a minimum height of eight (8) feet above the surface of the sidewalk. (Ref. City Code 7-5-5)

Sidewalk Repair Program

The City inspects public sidewalks on a four year cycle, looking for defects such as cracks and trip hazards. If there are areas of concern, the property owner will be notified the sidewalk needs to be repaired. 

See Sidewalk Repair Policy