Sanitary Sewer

Nearly 8 square miles of sanitary sewer collection system is a vital element of the City’s infrastructure. 

Operations and Maintenance

“Factors directly related to Sanitary Sewer operations include GIS mapping, inspections, identification of priority areas, maintenance, cleaning, pipeline rehabilitation, and repairs.”

The City of Clive sanitary sewer collection system serves an estimated 18,000 residents in over 6,000 housing units and commercial businesses on nearly eight (8) square miles. The collection system is made up entirely of gravity mains ranging in size from 6” to 30”.  The total length of the collection system is 433,189 feet or 82.04 miles, consisting of 368,032 feet of collectors and 65,157 of trunk lines.  There are 1,880 city and 113 private manhole structures.

The sanitary sewer collection system is a vital element of the city’s infrastructure. As this valuable infrastructure ages, the importance of preventive and predictive maintenance increases. Systematic operations and maintenance programs protect and keep the system in good working order to provide consistent customer service and prevent overflows and backups. To maintain the collection system in such a manner that protects the public safety, health and the environment, Public Works conducts inspections and performs rehabilitation, repair, and cleaning of the system.

GIS Mapping
Each manhole has been shot using the GPS equipment to record spatial measurements. This information coupled with as-built data provides a good picture of the collection system features.

Annual manhole inspections are conducted on all City manholes in the system.  Pipeline inspection equipment is available for video inspection of underground features of the system as well. This process provides for evaluation of sewer pipeline in determining their structural condition and approximates functional life. The priority areas are a result of these inspections.

Maintenance and cleaning
Maintenance and cleaning activities are the day-to-day activities undertaken by staff to ensure that the collection system continues to function as intended, and include root control, jet cleaning, and grease control.