Right of Way Permits

All Small Wireless Facility applications will be reviewed and approved according to the City of Clive's applicable Right of Way Management Policy

  1. Application for Small Wireless Facility Antenna/Tower Right-of-Way Siting
  2. Small Wireless Facility Special Terms & Conditions, signed
  3. Metro Right-of-Way Permit, completed
  4. Fiber Optic Cable Special Terms and Conditions sheet, signed.
    1. Fiber and handholds/vaults require separate license (permit) and will be approved separately. Click link for Fiber Permit Application.
  5. Plans - Detailed drawing showing location(s) of proposed Small Wireless Facility, location of all existing above-ground poles and facilities within 1,000 feet of the proposed location.
  6. Detailed drawing and photograph of Small Wireless Facility to be installed. Drawing needs to show photo simulations to scale for before and after conditions.
  7. Certification by a certified RF engineer
  8. Written description and plan of the area subject to installation
  9. Structural integrity calculations if proposing a City-owned pole/structure [refer to Policy 15.9.1 Section D. H. (l.)]
  10. Details on proposed pole if installing new pole
  11. Fee as directed on checklist (see last page of Application for Small Wireless Facility Antenna/Tower Right-of-Way Siting)