Illegal Dumping

Preventing ponding and flooding in the community

“There is a place for every thing and for every thing there is a place.”
Litter and illegal dumping will clog City storm sewers and cause unsafe ponding and flooding in our streets and lawns. Additionally, harmful chemicals can pollute waterways, plantings, and wildlife when not properly disposed. No water treatment occurs between the storm drain and the closest body of water to which rain is piped, so keeping drains cleared is very important. 

Trash, yard waste, and leftover construction material all belong in their own appropriate places, and those places are usually easy to find. When dumped outside of those places, it's a code violation. For dumping in our water systems, issues such as ponding and flooding upstream are common.

Trash belongs in the trash bin for your weekly garbage collection. To set up service, contact Waste Management at (515) 265-5267.

Yard waste can be taken to your own compost system or you can have it picked up at your curb once service is established. Click here for pick-up information.

Construction waste belongs in your trash bin. Washing concrete in the storm sewers will alter chemistry in the ecosystem and harm wildlife.
Call Code Enforcement if you see illegal dumping or residue at (515) 223-6221 or send email. (Ref. City Code 8-5-8)