Neighborhood Traffic Management Program

The City of Clive strives to ensure overall safety, protect its neighborhoods and to enhance the quality of life for its residents.  Traffic conditions on residential streets certainly affect those factors of neighborhood livability.  Traffic that is traveling at improper speeds and an excessive amount of non-local traffic that is consistently using residential streets can affect a neighborhood’s livability, including pedestrian and bicyclist activities.  The creation of the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP) for residential streets represents the City’s commitment to ensure the safety and livability of residential neighborhoods.

The NTMP policy document is designed to serve as a guide for City staff and residents to study, plan and implement processes appropriate for the particular traffic issues neighborhoods are experiencing. One of the Program’s hallmarks is its focus on developing a partnership between the City and neighborhood residents to create and implement solutions together—solutions that balance the community needs and the neighborhood needs effectively.

The Neighborhood Traffic Management Programs' objectives are as follows:

  • Identify problem areas;
  • Reduce vehicle speeds on residential streets;
  • Reduce number and severity of accidents;
  • Discourage cut-through traffic;
  • Encourage pedestrian and bicycle activities;
  • Create and/or enhance attractive streetscapes;
  • Establish clear guidelines of the process and procedures to evaluate traffic calming requests; and
  • Partner with residents for the best overall program for the affected street.

For more information the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program, please review one or more of the following links which provide more detailed information about the Program.  You can also contact the Police Department at 278-1312.