False Alarms

Residents and businesses with alarm systems will face a stiffer penalty for false alarms in the future under a new City Ordinance in Clive.  Under the old City Ordinance alarm owners were allowed six false alarms in a calendar year before a service fee was charged.  The new ordinance reduces the allowable number of false alarms to two during a calendar year, and assesses a service fee of $75 for the third false alarm; $100 for a fourth false alarm; and $150 for each false alarm thereafter during a calendar year.  Alarm owners will receive a letter from the City after the second recorded false alarm requiring them to have their alarm system inspected and review operational procedures with all alarm users. 

Police and fire officials make the following suggestions on alarm systems:

  • Make sure your system is operating correctly by having an inspection annually. 
  • Train all alarm users in the proper way to turn the system on and off.
  • Notify the dispatch center immediately if you accidentally set off your alarm. 
  • Alarm system owners will not be assessed a service fee for false alarms created by weather disturbances, when a smoke detector is set off by non-dangerous smoke (burning toast, tobacco smoke, etc.), or when an alarm is intentionally set off as a prank by someone other than authorized users of the system.  It is a criminal offense to intentionally set off a false alarm to elicit a public safety response.

  Reference Clive City Code.