Fairness and Accountability

The Clive Police Department is committed to fairness, neutrality, accountability, and responsiveness to the community.  Clive residents consistently give the Clive Police high marks for their service, and the Department has been a leader in the adoption of best practices.  For example, Clive Police was the first law enforcement agency in the Des Moines Metro to outfit all officers and vehicles with cameras.

The public's expectations about policing keep evolving.  Increasingly, residents want to know their police officers are treating all residents with dignity and respect, and only using force when appropriate. 

We're committed to transparency and improving how we serve the community.  To that end, we have compiled a number of resources on this page so all stakeholders can review our policing policies, key data on arrests and citations, and steps we've taken to improve our team including accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA)                                                            

Clive Police Chief Mike Venema

“It is essential that our law enforcement officers treat people with dignity and respect, and ensure that the law equally protects everyone.”

Bans on chokeholds and strangleholds

Required de-escalation

Required warning before shooting

Required to exhaust other alternatives before shooting

Duty to intervene

Ban on shooting at moving vehicles

Required use of force continuum

Required comprehensive reporting for any use of force

Bans on biased based policing

Promoting excellence in law enforcement delivery

How to file a compliment or complaint

Employee code of conduct and personal conduct regulations

Clive Police Department budget

Data on calls for service, arrests, citations, uses of force, complaints, and personnel actions

Hiring policies and Department demographics

                                                             8 Can't Wait infographic on key police policies