Clive Police Careers

The Clive community strongly supports its police officers and takes pride in the excellent service they provide.  This positive relationship makes solving crime-related problems easier and is a major reason why officers choose to stay once they join the Clive Police family.   Clive offers excellent pay, benefits, and opportunities for officers to advance their careers.  And in 2021, the department is moving to a brand new Clive Public Safety Facility that is being designed to help officers do their very best work.  Read more below about joining the Clive Police team!

Clive Police Officer Kelly Recchia

“Clive is so supportive of its police department.  It's kind of amazing.  This is my dream job.”

our next Great Officer could be you!
Clive officers a great salary and benefits package
  • Non-certified officers start at $26.95 
  • Certified officers start at up to $30.33 depending on years of  service
  • Municipal Fire and Police Retirement System pension participation plus City contributions to Social Security
  • $850 annual clothing and equipment allowance
  • $900 annual bonus for BA/BS degree and $550 for AA/AS degree
  • Foreign language incentive pay
  • Annual longevity bonus pay
  • City covers 100% of dental and vision insurance premiums for officers
  •  Affordable health insurance and health savings account opportunities

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