Bicycle Patrol

The Clive Police bicycle unit was established in 1998, through a donation of a police bike by the Clive Jaycees. It was initially started so officers from the police department would have access to the Greenbelt trail system, to permit patrols of that area. Over the last several years, additional bikes and related equipment have been purchased, and the bicycle unit is now an established force of the Clive Police.

In 2001, the unit received another donation of a police bicycle. Daimler-Chrysler, more known for motor vehicle manufacturing, expanded it's operations into bicycle production. As part of their efforts to support law enforcement, they began donations of Mercedes Benz Mountain bicycles to established police bike units. As a result of this program, the Clive police fleet of bicycles grew to four.

Along with the Mercedes, we have three Raleigh 24-speed bikes. All are equipped with police lighting, digital trip meters, and a gear bag containing medical supplies and citation books. The main focus of effort for the unit is patrol of the nearly eight miles of greenbelt trail. With the limited access of the trail, and the terrain it covers, the bicycle is the perfect vehicle for this type of area. The bikes are also used for special operations and activities, such as Clive Fest and the annual running festival. Additionally, the bikes are used during regular patrol shifts, to cover other parts of the city. They can be used for stealth patrol in high crime areas or as a way to silently conduct surveillance. They are also an excellent tool for Community Policing, allowing the officer to get up close and personal with business owners and residents.

While the bicycle unit focuses primarily on patrol and enforcement, we also offer and assist others with bicycle safety courses, the importance of wearing a helmet, and the bicycle registration program.

If you have questions about any of these programs, requests for increased patrols with the bikes, or questions about the bike unit, please contact Sgt. Mark Rehberg at (515) 278-1312.