“The cornerstone of success for any Fire Department accomplishing their mission starts with an emphasis on a quality training regimen; one that uses the latest in tactics and technology, and places safety paramount.”
--Former Deputy Chief Scott Lyon


The Tri-City F.A.S.T (Fire and Safety Training) Center was built as a collaborative effort between the cities of Clive, Urbandale, and Windsor Heights. Construction began April of 2010, and was dedicated June 16, 2010. The state of the art training facility has built within it a 4 story tower, a 2 story residence, and a 1 story annex. The design of this facility allows firefighters to do hands on training, in a real time environment, on a multitude of fire and rescue scenarios. In addition to representing the dedication to train our firefighters to deliver the highest level of service to our citizens, it also represents level of cooperative effort that is being put forth with our neighboring cities.

635255684128870000.2On a daily basis, the Clive Fire Dept. handles a wide variety of emergency medical situations. For this reason, our Paramedics and EMT's are regularly trained in the latest skills, techniques, and equipment in the EMS world today. To facilitate many of these trainings, actual EMS equipment and ambulances are used in real world, real time scenarios. In addition, the CFD utilizes a state of the art simulation manikin that allows Paramedics and EMT's to hone skills that could not otherwise be performed. Formal classroom contiuing education hours are also a mainstay in keeping our city at the forefront of emergency medical care.