In addition to the dedication of the men and women who serve as emergency responders, the Clive Fire Department also maintains a fleet of vehicles to achieve our mission of "Being the leader of emergency services through compassion, competence, and a commitment to safety."

Ladder 325

Apparatus-6Ladder 325 is the newest addition to the Clive Fire Departments fleet of emergency apparatus. The most prominent feature of this 2014 E-One is the 78' rear mounted ladder, although the truck is also outfitted with a host of firefighting equiptment including a 1500 gallon per minute pump and over 2000' feet of hose. Ladder 325 was placed into servidce with the Clive Fire Department in May of 2014 and is expected to be a mainstay in emergency response in the west metro area for the next 20 years and beyond.


Engine 320

Apparatus-7Engine 320 is the Fire/Rescue response apparatus for Clive's response districts east of I80/35. E320 is a Rescue Pumper custom made for the Clive Fire E-One. Powered by the 375 hp turbo-diesel engine, E320 boasts a 1500 gallon/min fire pump that feeds the over 1700 feet of fire attack line used in fire suppression efforts. The rear compartments of E320 house a host of tools used in vehicle extrication and other rescue assignments, including TNT cutters/spreaders (commonly referred to as the "Jaws of Life') and a full set of Rescue Jacks used to stabilize vehicles during extrication activities. E320 is also the home for the CFD's ice rescue equipment that can be rapidly deployed in a ice rescue scenario. In addition to E320's fire suppression and rescue roles, it also holds the distinction of "Paramedic Pumper" meaning that it carries of all the medical equipment on board to offer advanced life support efforts to an EMS patient while awaiting the arrival of an ambulance. A Paramedic Specialist is staffed on E320 to provide this life saving care.


Ambulance 324

Ambulance 324 is the primary response ambulance for the City of Clive. A324 was built by Lifeline Ambulance on a Ford F450 chassis and purchased by the Clive Fire Dept. in 2010. This ambulance responds to over 1000 calls for service every year. A324 is an Advanced Level Care transport apparatus capable of managing an array of pre-hospital emergency medical scenarios. It is staffed 24/7 365 days a year with at least one Paramedic Specialist and one EMT. A324 houses an ensemble of the latest EMS equipment to ensure that the highest level of pre-hospital care is delivered to the homes, workplaces, and roadways where we serve our residents and guests.


Ladder 325 (Retired 2014)

325aLadder 325 was retired in April of 2014 after serving with the Clive Fire Dept. since 1992. After 22 years of service to our city, this ladder truck still holds a place in the hearts of many of our past and present department personel. Old 325 now resides in Sanderville ,GA and is continuing the legacy of service that began right here in Clive.