Rental Housing Program

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The Rental Housing Program certifies rental units and ensures regular inspection are conducted at a minimum of once every six years. Additionally, inspections will be performed if a landlord does not take appropriate action upon a tenant's complaint. The 2018 International Code Council Property Maintenance Code has been adopted as the basis for the Rental Housing Code. City code requires that every rental unit be registered in the current owner's name. As such, buyers and sellers of rental property must notify the Community Development Department within 2 days of closing or executing a contract for sale to obtain a new rental certificate or to remove the unit from the registry. Please note that rental certificates are not transferable. 

I have a leak in my roof and my landlord refuses to repair it. How can I get him to fix it?

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What if the owner evicts me because I complained?

Why do I have to have my rental unit inspected?

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