Temporary Site Plan Requests

The City recognizes it may be beneficial in certain instances to allow events outside of existing buildings.  Opportunities available for businesses include outdoor sales events and seasonal sales events.  In certain cases, the City Council also grants temporary site plans for special outdoor events including charity events, open houses, grand openings, and ground breaking ceremonies.  All temporary site plans require a basic site plan be submitted with the application. The plan must show the building(s), parking, access points, and event location in relation to other site elements. See below for an example site plan. A certificate of flame resistance must be submitted with the temporary site plan application if tents are to be used. Refer to the Clive City Code Section 11-4-11: Special Events for further information or contact the Planning Services Division.

Temporary Site Plan Application

Outdoor Event
An Outdoor Event incorporates one or more 24-hour period and does not involve the sale or dispensing of alcoholic beverages. Tents which meet flame resistance requirements may be used. Properties are permitted up to 2 events per year for a maximum duration of 7 days per event. Outdoor Events cannot create a burden on parking or access to facilities, and fire and emergency access must be maintained at all times.

Seasonal Sales Event
A Seasonal Sales Event allows for sale of product that is best accomplished outdoors due to the nature of the merchandise or time of year the product is for sale. Seasonal Sales Events include, but are not limited to, greenhouses, pumpkin patches, and Christmas tree farms. Properties are permitted up to 2 events per year for a maximum duration of 60 days per event. Fire and emergency access must be maintained at all times, and the sale or dispensing of alcohol is prohibited for Seasonal Sales Events.

Special Outdoor Events
A Special Outdoor Event is an event that does not meet the requirements of an Outdoor Event or a Seasonal Sales Event. These events may require approval by City Council. Additional permits may be needed, including, but not limited to noise, outdoor liquor license, and/or temporary signs. Special Outdoor Events shall not impact the neighboring properties due to noise, congestion, lighting, or additional factors. If you want to host an event on city owned property, visit Special Event Permit (Public Property) for more information.

Temporary Site Plan Example
Temporary Site Plan example showing building, parking lot, fence, and other site features