Development Review & Zoning Compliance

The Planning Services Division assists residents, businesses, and developers in securing required approvals, such as zoning compliance for new or relocating businesses, and rezoning, platting, and site plans for new development.  Development approval from the City Council is required prior to construction for commercial and residential developments. Planning and Zoning Commission also reviews development proposals and makes a recommendation to the City Council. When a development is approved by City Council and the related plans and documents are certified, the file passes from the Planning Services Division to the Construction Services Division.  Movement of the file to Construction Services Division allows for review of building plans, issuance of a building permit, and commencement of construction. 

Zoning Compliance is required for all new, expanding, or relocating businesses prior to occupancy. Planning Services reviews requests for Zoning Compliance to ensure requirements of the Zoning Ordinance have been met.

You can find Development Review applications under Permits and Licenses.

Development Review Schedule and Rezoning Schedule timelines vary for projects due to application completeness and project complexity. Contact the Community Development Department to discuss your project.