City Services Directory

Abandoned Inoperable Motor Vehicles Community Development
Ambulance Service Fire
Animal Control City Clerk
Aquatic Center Parks and Recreation
Bicycles Police
Block Party Permit City Clerk
Board of Adjustment Community Development
Brush Removal City Clerk
Building Codes Community Development
Building Permits Community Development
Building Unsafe Community Development
Business Licenses Community Development
Census Data Community Development
Christmas Tree Sales Yard Permit City Clerk
City Council City Clerk
Code Compliance Community Development
Development Application Community Development
Digging Community Development, Public Works
Dogs / Cats - Barking, Bites, Licenses, Strays City Clerk
Drainage Problems Public Works
Economic Development Community Development
Engineering Inspections Community Development
Excavation Permit Community Development
Fingerprinting Police
Fire Hydrant/Maintenance Fire
Fire Prevention Bureau Fire
Fire Reports Fire
Fire Safety Surveys Fire
Fire Stations Fire
Garbage Collection City Clerk, Public Works
Grass/Weeds/Mowing Community Development
Hazardous Waste City Clerk, Public Works
Home Occupations Community Development
Inspections Community Development
Irrigation Meter Regulations City Clerk, Community Development
Junk Community Development
Library Board Library
Licenses/Beer-Wine-Liquor City Clerk
Licenses/Trade Community Development
Meeting-Banquet Facilities Parks and Recreation
Mosquito Control Public Works
Noise Permit City Clerk
Park Facilities Parks and Recreation
Park Shelters Parks and Recreation
Parks and Recreation Board Parks and Recreation
Permits City Clerk, Community Development
Pet Licenses  City Clerk
Planning and Zoning Commission Community Development
Post Office in Clive City Clerk
Property Taxes City Clerk
Recreation Programs Parks and Recreation
Recycling City Clerk
Sewer Backup Public Works
Sidewalk Repair Program Public Works
Solicitor Permit City Clerk
Special Event (Public Property) City Clerk
Street Lights Public Works
Street Maintenance Public Works
Street Sweeping Public Works
Swimming Lessons Parks and Recreation
Tobacco/Nicotine/Vapor Permit City Clerk
Traffic Control Devices Public Works
Traffic Management Program for Neighborhoods Police
Traffic Signals Public Works
Trash / Trash Pickup City Clerk
Voting and Precincts City Clerk
Water / Water Quality Public Works
Water Department Information City Clerk
Water Main Break Public Works
Who to Call City Clerk, Community Development, Fire, Police, Public Works
Yard Waste Program - Premium Compost It! City Clerk
Zoning Community Development
Zoning Compliance Community Development