635436066815030000The City of Clive itself is fortunate to have a very educated workforce with 35% of residents having at least a Bachelor's Degree. The high quality of life is the draw for workforce in Clive, with the City being named as one of Top Ten Small Towns in America by  In addition, when a business locates in Clive they are nestled within the Greater Des Moines Metropolitan area with access to a workforce numbering over 400,000


To leverage regional efforts the City of Clive works with multiple regional business partners to encourage a diverse and highly educated workforce in the Greater Des Moines Area. The below information describes those partnerships and some of the resources available describing the workforce characteristics of the Greater Des Moines Area and available tools for businesses.

Greater Des Moines Partnership

The City of Clive works with the Greater Des Moines Partnership through the City's membership to the Choose Des Moines Communities Program, to provide resources for moving or expanding a business in Clive and throughout the Greater Des Moines Area. Services include assistance with employment opportunities, information about the area, and updates on the resources provided by The Partersnhip through their programs and events for business to business networking.


The Partnership is also a vital resource for understanding the regional workforce. Follow this link for an executive summary of the workforce and education services provided by The Partnership. For more information please visit their Regional Workforce website.

Iowa Workforce Development

Both the City of Clive and the Greater Des Moines Partnership partner with Iowa Workforce Development (IWD) to generate useful information and reports on the status of workforce in the Greater Des Moines Area. Specifically, the City and the Partnership work with IWD to generate Laborshed studies for the Greater Des Moines Metro Area and the Clive-West Des Moines-Waukee Sub-Region.  These studies are useful to government and business leaders to determine workforce availability and needs.

Conducted in Summer 2016, executive summaries of the Greater Des Moines Laborshed Analysis and the Clive-West Des Moines-Waukee Subregion Laborshed Analysis are available, as well as the full report of the Clive-WDM-Waukee Laborshed Analysis. These reports provide detailed information on the status and availability of workforce in Greater Des Moines from which any business located in Clive can pull from to find the best employees for the success of their business.  In addition to the Laborshed Analysis the City is able to provide a snapshot showing the 2016 wages for the different areas of employment in the Metro Area.

Trend data is also available back to 2006 to the beginning of the sub-region laborshed studies.  The 2006-2016 Trend Analysis tracks specific elements of the laborshed studies to show changes over time.  Finally, a summary of the job searching resources utilized by prospective employees is shown here.

IWD also offers a number of resources and programs for employers and potential employees to utilize.  A Quick Reference Guide is available to display all of the offerings.  If you are a Clive employer or a Clive resident interested in learning more about any of these programs please email Assistant City Manager Matt McQuillen at