Economic Development

Clive is a forward-thinking community with outstanding municipal services and scenic natural beauty that offers ultimate convenience for a balanced lifestyle and future progress. The City of Clive's Economic Development Program looks to leverage these important aspects of the community to attract and retain a qualified workforce and recruit business partners to bolster the Clive economy. The high quality of life and great amenities provided by the City of Clive are key to why businesses want to locate to Clive and have their employees live in our great community.
  • Forward Thinking - Clive is "forward thinking" in its efforts to improve the City's infrastructure and remains committed to environmental stewardship.
  • Outstanding Municipal Services - Clive strives to provide strong, varied services at a level not found in all communities without higher taxes.
  • Scenic Natural Beauty - One of the most powerful competitive differentiators in Clive is the amazing green space, including intertwining parks, trails, streams and wildlife that make the natural environment accessible to all.
  • Ultimate Convenience - The convenience provided by the City of Clive goes far beyond a great central location. Accessibility to city leadership, programs and services creates the "ultimate" convenience for both residents and businesses.
  • Balanced Lifestyle - Citizens tout the high-quality of life they enjoy, which provides an optimal balance of live, work and play. A key to attracting a talented workforce.
  • Future Progress - The City's physical boundaries do not limit future growth, as evidenced by current and planned projects.

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The City of Clive resides within the Greater Des Moines Metropolitan Area.  The Greater Des Moines' economic development efforts are lead by the Greater Des Moines Partnership.  The Partnership provides a substantial amount of information, data and key metrics on their website here to assistance businesses considering the Greater Des Moines area as their new home.

Economic Development Action Plan

Clive Development Guide


Cover of Clive Development Guide

In October 2013 the City of Clive and the Clive Chamber of Commerce released the 2013 Clive Development Guide. Developed in partnership with Business Publications, this guide outlines the City's strategic plan and its relationship to commercial and residential development in Clive. Also, the City's public art program and a number of Clive businesses and non-profit organizations are featured in the publication. To view an electronic version of the guide please click here

In January 2013 the Clive City Council approved an Economic Development Action Plan for the City outlining the strategies and policies the City will implement to retain, expand and grow the Clive business community. The Action Plan identifies the following strategies:

  1. Encourage Existing Business Retention & Expansion
  2. Assemble Critical Development Information
  3. Develop Partnerships and Key Relationships
  4. Provide Financial Assistance and Development Options
  5. Develop and Implement an External Marketing Program for Targeted Sectors
Please click here for a copy of the Economic Development Action Plan.

If you are interested in being a part of the Clive business community please contact Assistant City Manager Matt McQuillen at (515) 223-6220 or

In addition, the City of Clive has a strong relationship with our business partner, the Clive Chamber of Commerce. If you are an existing Clive business and would like to get connected to other Clive businesses please visit the Clive Chamber website here.