Greenbelt Stream Corridor Assessment

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Update June 17, 2020: Interfluve, Inc. presented their findings and potential projects at the June 11th Council meeting.  Some internal work will need to be done before the report is accepted by the City. 

Update April 8, 2020: All data has been collected and analyzed and a draft report has been received. Inter-Fluve, Inc., will present their findings at the May 14, 2020, City Council meeting via web conferencing.

On October 24, 2019, City Council approved the contract for the Stream Corridor Assessment with Inter-Fluve, Inc.  The project will assess the stability of the streambanks along North Walnut Creek, Walnut Creek, and Little Walnut Creek. Additionally, the assessment will go into more depth along two key stream corridors: Walnut Creek adjacent to Greenbelt Landing, and Little Walnut Creek between Warrior Lane and Alice’s Road.  The assessment will include conceptual plans for stream and floodplain restoration within these corridors. 

Beginning November 18, 2019 (weather dependent), staff from Inter-Fluve, Inc. and their sub-consultant SEH, Inc., will be in and adjacent to the creek taking field measurements, pictures, drone imagery, and survey data.  This work is necessary for an accurate assessment of the creek’s geomorphology, erosion rates, and overall stability of the creek’s bed and banks. 

This webpage will be updated as the project progresses.

Dallas County Assessment Corridor

Polk County Stream Assessment Corridors

Previous Streambank Assessments
Nilles Associates completed two previous streambank assessments along Walnut Creek within the City of Clive. The first assessment was completed in 2009, with an updated assessment in 2014. The streambank assessments involved walking the creek and documenting the condition of the stream, including observing vegetative cover, bank stability, erosion, and streambed conditions. GPS equipment is used to document key points of interest along the corridor.

2009 Stream Assessment
2014 Stream Assessment