Westgate Pkwy Bridge

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In order to facilitate development and traffic flow in the Northern Neighborhoods area west of Alice’s Road, Westgate Drive (Parkway) will need to cross Little Walnut Creek. In December 2017, the City hired Calhoun-Burns and Associates, Inc. (CBA) to do a feasibility analysis on the crossing to determine if the crossing would be a bridge or a box culvert.  That study, completed in May 2018, recommended a continuous concrete slab bridge. In August of 2018, CBA was hired to begin work on preliminary design on the bridge and the various permit submittals. RDG Planning and Design was hired to incorporate some visual enhancements in line with the Greenbelt Master Plan.  See the RDG concepts here.

The address listed here is for illustrative purposes only.

Update 10/21/2020: The bulk of the work on the bridge is now complete. All that remains is punch list items and seeding and restoration. 

Update 8/20/2020: Paving is now complete.  Barrier rails have also been installed.  Sidewalks and ornamental railings will be installed in the coming weeks. 

Update 7/30/2020: Bridge construction continues on schedule.  The bridge deck has been poured and all utilities except electric are in.  Paving up to the bridge will likely happen the week of August 3rd.  Bridge barrier rails, ornamental railings and lighting also still need to be installed.

Update 6/17/2020: Abutment and pier work is complete.  The next phase will be erecting temporary framework (also called falsework) for the bridge deck with pouring of the deck to begin next month.

Update 6/3/2020
: Construction of the bridge continues.  Work on driving piles and constructing piers and abutments is underway. 

Update 4/8/2020:  Design of the bridge is complete and the construction contract was awarded to Herberger Construction Company, Inc. at the February 27, 2020, City Council meeting.  Work on the bridge may begin as early as the week of April 6th and will continue until early fall, dependent on weather.