Meredith Dr. Stormwater Wetland

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Update May 25, 2021: Planting work is complete.  Trees were planted last fall.  Seeding is still being established and may be enhanced in certain areas yet this year.  Applied Ecological Services continues to monitor the situation and will be in charge of maintenance until next year.  An educational sign will be installed this spring.  The City hopes to host an on-site gathering in the summer to talk about the benefits that stormwater wetlands provide as well as what residents can do on their own property to reduce runoff and improve water quality. 

Update 6/17/2020: The majority of the seeding and planting has been performed.  Some additional shrub planting is forthcoming.  Applied Ecological Services will be maintaining the area for two additional growing seasons. 

Update 4/8/2020: The construction of the storm sewer is complete.  Applied Ecological Services has been hired to design a planting plan which is underway.  Planting and and seeding will begin this Spring.  

Update 12/13/2019:  The contractor Vanderpool Construction, Inc., has begun construction on the storm sewer work.  They are expected to be complete with this work next week. 

Update 12/6/2019: The storm sewer portion of the project will begin construction as early as Tuesday, December 10th, depending on weather.

Update 11/5/2019: The City of Clive Public Works Department has completed grading work on the Meredith Drive Stormwater Wetland located in the Clive Greenbelt, near the intersection of Alice’s Road and the Greenbelt Trail.   The site has also been stabilized with temporary vegetation.

Two important tasks remain: restoring the area with native wetland vegetation, and installing some storm sewer to catch the ditch flow before it flows over the trail.  The storm sewer project had a bid opening on November 5th, 2019, and the contract will be awarded at the council meeting on November 14th, 2019.  The completion date of this work is April 30, 2020.  This page will be updated as we know more about this project and when the start date will be.  The vegetation work will consist of seeding and planting and will happen in the Spring.  The City will hire a contractor to do this work as well.   

The City is very excited to complete this project as part of its commitment to manage stormwater as a resource.  Stormwater wetlands provide a suite of benefits including flood storage, enhanced water quality, and improved habitat.     This particular wetland treats runoff from approximately 27 acres, including 2.4 acres of the future widened Meredith Drive and 8.2 acres of the adjacent residential neighborhood. 

The City of Clive Parks and Public Works Departments have started restoration work in the storm water management area in the Clive Greenbelt, near the intersection of Alice’s Road and the Greenbelt Trail.  

Over multiple years, volunteer species—including young willow trees and bulrushes—have encroached on the area and diminished its ability to store and slow down stormwater. By removing these unwanted species, we will increase stormwater detention capacity, which in turn will decrease downstream erosion and improve water quality. A few larger trees between the area and the trail will be removed for continued access to the site.

Once these species are removed, the City will begin grading work in the area to increase stormwater storage and create a stormwater wetland planted with native species.  Stormwater wetlands provide a suite of benefits including flood storage, enhanced water quality, and improved habitat.     

This work will not impede traffic on neighborhood streets or the Greenbelt Trail. No private property crossings are needed to access and improve the site.  All the work will occur within the City’s easements or on City property. 

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