Comprehensive Plan

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On September 22, 2016, the Clive City Council adopted a new Comprehensive Plan.  The Comprehensive Plan was developed to be used as a tool to aid the community in its 20-year transition from a period of rapid growth to a period of stable and sustainable build-out.  The Comprehensive Plan provides a framework for making big-picture decisions that will result in the outcomes that are consistent with the City’s Vision. Download and read the complete Comprehensive Plan.

The future Vision for Clive is:

Green circle with house and trees outline     Clive 2030 is a beautiful, safe City with great residential neighborhoods through build-out
Red circle with two hands holding a heart     Clive 2030 provides exceptional family living and opportunities for personal wellness
Blue circle with outline of road and bridge     Clive 2030 has the Distinct Clive Greenbelt and a revitalized NW 86th Street Corridor/Neighborhood
Blue circle with clapping hands outline     We take pride in Clive!