Indian Hills Woods Improvements

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In early fall 2019, the City of Clive brought together a team of water resources experts, including multiple government and nonprofit organizations, to analyze the current conditions and design a framework for the long term improvement of Indian Hills Woods.  The team identified the following initial goals for the project: 

  • Defining solutions for stabilizing the eroding streambanks,
  • Protecting public infrastructure and private property,
  • Improving aquatic and riparian habit, and
  • Increasing public interaction within this important natural corridor. 

For decades, the impacts caused by the urbanization within the Indian Hills Woods watershed have been dealt with on a case-by-case basis.  Those individual projects addressed immediate concerns, however, these band-aid solutions have been generally short-lived.  Erosion concerns have continued, invasive vegetation has persisted, public infrastructure continues to be in jeopardy and private property has been further impacted.  As the City of Clive evolves its perspective to a broader systems approach to land, vegetation, and stormwater management, the Indian Hills Woods represents a great opportunity to put into practice an integrated approach for a long term sustainable solution to all of those challenges.

The City and its partners have completed the preliminary restoration plan. Click here for plan.

September 16, 2021:  Removal of the concrete is complete and materials will begin arriving on site starting either today or tomorrow.

September 8, 2021:  The City would like to thank residents for attending the meeting on 8/17/21. Resource Environmental Solutions, LLC (RES) is now working on landscape and buffer improvements based on your input. A second meeting will be held soon to show some conceptual designs. The City has also smoothed out the pathway north of the pedestrian bridge and opened that section for use. This section will remain open but the rest of the path will need to stay closed for construction.

Removal of the broken concrete from the stream is almost complete. Over the next week or so, it will be hauled away, and then delivery of rock materials will begin.  

August 9, 2021 Update: The City is expecting to begin work on the Indian Hills Woods Stream Restoration Project the week of August 23rd.  The work will start with the removal of broken concrete within the stream, followed by delivery of the project materials.  Grading and stream restoration operations are expected to begin the week of October 4th and last roughly 6 weeks, depending on the weather. 

The City would like to invite residents to a public input meeting onsite Tuesday, August 17, 2021, at 6 p.m. to discuss future landscaping and aesthetics for the corridor as well as the construction timeline and what to expect during construction. Staff from the City as well as our consultant, Resource Environmental Solutions, LLC, will be in attendance.  We will meet at the upstream end of the creek near NW 98th Street.

May 25, 2021 Update: The excess wood chips have been removed.  Work  within the corridor is expected to begin 9/1 with the removal of the broken concrete, followed by delivery of the project materials.  Grading and stream restoration operations is expected to begin 10/1 and last roughly 6 weeks, depending on the weather.  The City will also hire a consultant to design a landscape plan for the area.  This summer, the consultant and the City will be hosting stakeholder meetings to solicit property owner input on aesthetics and type of plant material desired.  This plan is anticipated to be executed after all stream work is complete, which could take several years.

April 2, 2021 Update: The clearing work is complete.  Over the coming weeks, the contractor will haul away the large piles of mulch.  The damage to the sidewalk near the bridge has been repaired and the bridge is now open.

March 8, 2021 Update:  Clearing of the area will be wrapping up over the next couple of days.  Wood chips will be placed on all disturbed areas.  The stream restoration work will begin this fall and will start on the upstream end.  Residents will be notified of the anticipated start date when it gets closer.

February 2021 Update: A preliminary restoration plan has been completed for the area.  This plan, and the rough clearing limits needed to execute the plan, were communicated to residents in two on-site public meetings on October 28 and 31, 2020.  City staff listened to resident concerns regarding the creek, erosion, tree clearing, and trail improvements.  After these meetings, clearing limits were reduced and many large trees within the corridor were identified for preservation.  A clearing contract was awarded to Elder Corporation at the City Council meeting on 1/14/2021.  Clearing is anticipated to start 2/15/2021, weather dependent. 

Restoration work on the channel is anticipated to begin Fall 2021, with construction likely lasting a minimum of two years.   An intentional planting and seeding plan to restore the area once the channel work is complete is also planned.

July 2020 Update: City staff continue to evaluate the strategies and resources that will be needed to achieve comprehensive erosion control, infrastructure protection, and habitat restoration improvement in Indian Hills Woods.  Staff have been surveying in the area and researching how elements of the project could be best implemented.  Once staff has completed a draft implementation plan, the City will review the plan with residents and the Council before taking any action.  The Council will be discussing this topic during its strategic planning sessions in August, and neighborhood meetings--which will be conducted by phone and video conference due to the ongoing public health emergency--will likely be in fall 2020.  

October 2019 Update:
On October 3, Clive hosted a neighborhood meeting to discuss the upcoming study and gather input on what residents have observed in Indian Hills Woods and how changes in vegetation, erosion and stormwater flows have affected their property. The presentation materials from the meeting are available here. During the study period residents within the Indian Hills Woods area may see City staff and our technical partners taking photographs and measurements in Indian Hills Woods.  Please feel free to visit with us and share your thoughts as we’re completing our field assessments.  Once the field assessments and preliminary design work is completed, the City will host another neighborhood meeting to share results and discuss the timeline for implementation.