Water System Study

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Snyder and Associates completed a Water System Study for the City of Clive in December of 2016. The Water System Study evaluated the City’s existing water system and provides recommendations for future capital improvement and maintenance planning. The report outlines a plan for development as the City continues to expand further west creating needed potable water supply and distribution infrastructure. This pattern of progressive development will eventually lead to full system build out that requires strategic planning to adequately provide a quality water utility to the residents of Clive.  

The City has taken a pro-active approach to maintaining it’s water system infrastructure by identifying system shortcomings before they become a problem and to plan for future system build-out. To assist the City with this goal, a short-term capital improvement plan (CIP) has been prepared and is presented in this report. This CIP is supported by various hydraulic model simulations to replicate multiple scenarios, future growth, and emergency situations. Recommended maintenance procedures are also included to allow the City to properly sustain the system and minimize unexpected emergency repairs.

2016 Water System Study