Northern Neighborhoods

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The Northern Neighborhood Master Plan was formed to unite the visions and strategies of the City of Clive and land owners in the western portion of the City. Planning for the Northern Neighborhoods was first envisioned in the 1998 Comprehensive Plan. Since then, the City has continued to experience significant expansion in the northwest portion of the community consistent with that plan. In order to more specifically define the details for development in these areas, the Clive completed the first of the small area plans in 2000, Northern Neighborhoods Phase I, and the second in 2003, Northern Neighborhoods Phase II. Development within each of the neighborhood areas has commenced and it is expected that most of the City’s future development will continue in these areas. The plan includes conceptual location and layout for future residential and commercial districts, park areas, stormwater detention areas, and utility location. 

Northern Neighborhoods Master Plan Phase I
Northern Neighborhoods Master Plan Phase II