MetroNet Fiber Optic Network Installation

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Fiber optic networks stretch across Clive, hanging from utility poles and buried in conduit in our public right-of-way.  These networks support countless private and public services that make Clive a great place to live and do business.

In early 2021, another internet service provider—MetroNet—will begin building a fiber network across cities in the western Des Moines Metro.  When completed, MetroNet intends to offer fiber internet service to over 90% of Clive residents and businesses. 

This is a 100% private business project. No public funds are being used.  With this investment, MetroNet will join a number of other private companies providing fast and reliable fiber internet, television, and phone service in Clive. 

Most Clive neighborhoods will be affected to some degree by this extensive construction project.  Construction will begin in early 2021 and potentially extend into the first part of 2022.  The work will be done primarily in the public right of way and utility easements on residential and commercial properties across the city.  Once MetroNet completes appropriate permitting and communication steps, they will have permission to work in the public easement area of your property.  

This project will involve extensive work in backyard and front yard public utility easement areas in Clive.  These easements are typically located in a strip of land running along the street, the sidewalk, the rear lot line, or between two lots.  If the easement is within a fenced-in yard, MetroNet crews will need your help accessing the area. 

MetroNet crews will bore underground fiber lines in neighborhoods with underground electric, and will hang cables on utility poles in areas with above-ground electric.

Before work begins work near your property, you’ll receive a letter and postcard from MetroNet with information on construction schedules and how to let them know about things buried in your yard like sprinkler systems, dog fences, and sump pump lines.  A week to 10 days before work begins, utility marking flags and/or paint will be installed in your yard.  Those markers and paint need to remain in place until construction is complete and the installer has removed them.

Once construction is complete and weather permits, MetroNet must restore lawns and landscaping to their previous condition.

Specific information on where MetroNet teams are working in Clive will be posted at  Residents and businesses can also call MetroNet customer services at 1-877-386-3876.

Throughout the project, City staff will be reviewing and inspecting MetroNet's work to ensure the project is in compliance with all applicable ordinances and other requirements. The City of Clive does not endorse or show preference to any particular internet service provider (ISP).  Residents and businesses will continue to have multiple choices for internet service from current providers and any future providers that may enter the market.

Project Update May 18, 2021--The City has approved the first permits for MetroNet to begin building portions of their fiber network that stretch into Clive neighborhoods.   The map below indicates where activity has been permitted (blue circles), and where activity has been permitted and construction is underway (yellow circles).  You can also access the map here.