Clive Public Safety Center

(515) 223-6220 8800 Hickman RD, Clive, IA50325
The City of Clive has purchased the former Slumberland located at 8800 Hickman RD which has been demolished to make room for construction of a new combined fire and police department. The proposed building will be approximately 44,640 s.f. and will include the fire station, the police station, administrative areas, a living area, a training room, and other meeting rooms.

The Clive Public Safety Center is being financed with the  Local Option Sales and Services Tax (LOSST) which was approved by Clive voters in both Dallas and Polk County.  This funding strategy enables the City to advance the project without raising property taxes.   Visit the City's LOSST page for more information on how  Clive is utilizing the LOSST revenue tool.

The new Clive Public Safety Center has been a top strategic priority for the City Council for multiple years.  Initial planning started in 2012.  The building is scheduled to open in late 2021.

Photo of PD side of new Public Safety Center Photo of FD side of New Public Safety Center
Project Schedule: 
May 7, 2020 - Project Site Plan Approval by Planning & Zoning Commission
May 14, 2020 - Project Site Plan Approval by City Council
September 17, 2020 - Construction Bids Received
September 24, 2020 - City Council Awards Construction Contracts
October 8, 2020 - Groundbreaking and Construction Begins
November 2021 - Anticipated Completion of the Construction
December 2021 - Clive Police and Fire Departments Move Into New Clive Public Safety Center
January 7, 2022 - Final Plat Consideration by Planning & Zoning Commission
January 14, 2022 - Final Plat Consideration by City Council

Project Contact Information:
City's Owner Representative - Angie Pfannkuch - - 515-822-3257

Construction Manager - DCI Group
    Construction Site Manager - Seth Riggs - - 515-450-8969
    Project Manager - Michael Steen - - 515-962-5568

Project Update - August 18, 2021: WIndow installation has been completed as well as interior masonry and exterior face brick.  Drywall finishing, interior painting, and ceiling grid installation are ongoing.  In the coming weeks, crews will start installing wall and floor tile and continue with exterior grading and concrete work.

Project Update - July 14, 2021:
Window installation continues along with insulation and drywall.  Exterior masonry on the north side of the building is underway, and masonry on the south side of the building has been completed.  Overhead mechanical, electrical, and plumbing rough-ins are done in the center area of the building and fire apparatus bays.  In the coming weeks, teams will begin interior priming and painting, finish drywall in the central core of the building, complete window and interior window installation, and continue exterior subgrade prep and paving.

Project Update - June 16, 2021:
The translucent panels throughout the building exterior have been installed and glazing work has begun.  Stud framing is complete throughout the building interior and drywall and door framing is underway.  Exterior and interior masonry are both started.  Rooftop mechanical equipment has been installed and permanent power has been established.  In the coming weeks, glazing will begin in the main entry area, interior masonry will be completed, drywall work will continue, and the final interior concrete slab will be poured in the fire apparatus bay.

Project Update - May 14, 2021:
The concrete slap work on the interior core of the building has been completed as has all roofing.  Outdoor paving work continues as does grading work for bioretention cells.  Garage overhead rough-ins for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing are underway.  In the coming weeks glazing in the core building area will begin, interior wall layout will be completed, exterior masonry installation will start, and rooftop mechanical equipment will be installed. 

Project Update - April 8, 2021: 
sssSteel and precast material installation are complete, and exterior wall framing and sheathing are near completion.  The roof is completed over the police and fire apparatus bays,  and the roof over the center of the building is near completion.  All underground utilities, trench drains, and sand oil separators at the garage have been installed.  Later in April, interior concrete slabs will be poured, exterior masonry work will begin, the roofing will be completed, final site sanitary and water connections will be made, and exterior paving will begin.

Project Update - March 22, 2021: 
Structural steel and metal decking have been completed on the central portion of the building and fire apparatus bays.  The roof has been installed over the police and fire apparatus bays and most of the center of the building.  Underground utility work is underway throughout the facility.  Over the coming weeks, the roof and exterior wall framing and sheathing will be completed, and the concrete slab for the police garage will be poured.

Project Update - February 16, 2021:
  Structural steel in the central area of the building is being set.  Metal decking in the apparatus bays and roofing will be completed later this month.  Underground utility work continues.  Weather permitting, grading for the stormwater facilities on the north side of the building will start in February and rooftop mechanical equipment will arrive.

Project Update - January 8, 2021: 
Horizontal direction boring for storm sewer installation at the Chin Evangelical Church has been completed.  Underground utilities continued to progress.  Access roads have been constructed for precast mobilization and installation.  Pavement removal and grading continue.  Site water utilities have been 90% completed.  Later this month structural steel and metal decking will begin as well as more precast installations.

Project Update - December 2, 2020:  The building pad has been prepped with aggregate subbase and all building footings have been poured and precast embeds installed.  Cast-in-place curb walls have been completed on the concrete foundations where exterior framed walls will be installed.  Underground plumbing utilities rough-in has begun and stormwater, water, and sanitary utility installation continue.  In December precast installation will start.

Project Update - October 21, 2020: Excavation work on the site continues with utility work, grading, and preparation for the installation of the gravel pilings for the building footings over the next few weeks. The piling work will likely cause some vibration at and near the site while the pilings are being pounded into place. This will be followed by concrete work for the footings.

Project Update - October 8, 2020:  
The City held a groundbreaking for the new facility located at 8800 Hickman Road. 

Project Update - September 25, 2020:   
At their September 24th meeting, the Clive City Council awarded contracts totaling over $10.5 million for construction of the new Clive Public Safety Center. The approved bids came in over $1.5 million lower than budget estimates, which enabled the Council to also approve bid alternates for a solar panel array that is projected to pay for itself in 15 years, and an ultraviolet light air purifying system that will help decrease the circulation of airborne pathogens in the building.  Including the alternate packages, the total building construction cost will be $10,807,108 which is 11% less than budgeted estimates.  By law, the City is required to accept the lowest responsible bidder for each construction package.  Bid and contract information is available in the Council's meeting packet here (starting page 174).

Architectural Rendering
Site Plan
Landscape Plan
Site Lighting & Photometrics
Final Plat
Final Plat Application