86th Street Neighborhoods Plan

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On March 12, 2020, City of Clive approved a contract and scope of work for the development of a comprehensive Neighborhood Plan for the eastern portion of the community.  The consultant team is Hoisington Koegler Group, Inc. (HKGi) as lead, with CivicBrand, Emmons and Olivier Resources, and Marquette Advisors as supporting consultants. The City wants to develop an actionable Neighborhood Plan that includes review and recommendation for improvement of multiple elements of the neighborhood, including land use, housing, the trail network and park facilities, pedestrian connectivity, stormwater management, and flood mitigation. 

In addition to the items generally listed above, two specific focus areas have been identified as part of the Plan. The first is an analysis of the current Flood-Prone Property Buyout Program which is currently guiding the use of resources being deployed towards the buyout of repetitively flood damaged properties along University Boulevard. The second is the development of a conceptual park/development master plan for the Linnan Park area, including the adjacent city-owned properties and aging apartment developments.

In the RFQ and contract materials, this project was referred to as the District 1 Neighborhood Plan. The project name has been updated to the 86th Street Neighborhoods to be more descriptive of the project area.

Map with aerial showing plan area