North Pole Calling

“North Pole Calling” is a program sponsored by the Clive Parks and Recreation Department.  Santa would be more than happy to call children living in Clive, ages 3-7, and wish them a “Merry Christmas.”  The form below must be submitted by Monday, December 14thCalls will be made Wednesday, December 16th between 6:00-7:30 p.m.  Please have your child/children available during this time period to avoid missing Santa’s call.  Complete the following information to help us with the phone call. A separate form will need to be submitted for each child in your household you would like Santa to speak to.

Child's Name:



City or Town:





Activities Involved In:

Gifts They Will Receive:

Gifts Requested:

Santa will not reveal to the child exactly what he or she is going to receive.  He will only develop conversations and help to discourage extraordinary expectations of the child.  List some ideas he might say to your child.  Examples:  “eat all your vegetables,”  “go to bed early” or “pick up your room.”

Is there a sibling you would like Santa to mention and are they older or younger?