Rocket League Hoopball

Rocket Cars + Soccer + Basketball = Rocket League Hoopball

Rocket League is a FREE Digital Download video game based play utilizing rocket cars instead of soccer players. This unique game is packed for all of fun as players try to score against each other on the field and in the air.
Click here to see a video from GameSpot Trailers to see what the game is really like!

Clive Parks and Recreation will be hosting 1 day Rocket League tournaments both in March and in May to kick off our 2021 E-sports programming.  Game play starts at 2:00 p.m. and projected to wrap up no later than by 4:00 p.m.  Both tournaments are FREE entry.

Taking a variation from the Rocket League base game, Clive will be creating and hosting server rooms for participants to play this unique electronic sport game.  A preview of Hoops can be found here.

Participant Requirements

  • Must have access to Rocket League game.
  • Must have access to Wifi and/or LAN connection.
  • Must play on one of the following counsels: Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, or PC).
  • Discord Account access.

Discord Software and Communications

For the event, we will be using Discord for secure race invites, tournament communications on that day, etc.  All participants must have a Discord account to participate.  To access and create an account, please visit:

Server information access we will be using will be given to players prior to the start of the program.

Communications and conduct

  • Room invites, and access will be sent to participants via discord.
  • Due to rounds happening simultaneously, race results will be requested via discord with a photo verification.
  • Player gamer tags/names must be appropriate for public viewing. 
    • Any player with a gamer tag/name that is offensive, inappropriately suggestive, and/or not family oriented will be banned from the tournament all together.
    • Cursing, insulting, name calling, or any forms of virtual harassment will not be tolerated.  If this occurs, player will be banned from the tournament.

The league will take up to 16 participants.  Spots are limited. 

Click Here to register today!

For questions and further details, please contact Recreation Coordinator Brian Longren at