Public Art Permanent Collection

The City of Clive has been building a permanent public art collection since 2007 when the Public Arts Commission was formed.  The art collection consists of several commissioned artworks which have been installed in various locations throughout the city.  The city also annually purchases an artwork from the Art Along the Trail program.  This artwork is typically selected by popular vote by residents. 

Listed below is the current art collection.  Click on each name to find out more about each artwork, click on the map to see a larger map.


Black Diamond by Rebecca Ekstrand and Thomas Rosborough

Conceived to honor the area's mining history the artist designed the piece using the language of layered geometric shapes and proportion reminiscent of the Shuler Mine community landscape. Read More

Broken Compass

Made specifically for the Art Along the Trail program this piece is now a permanent fixture in Clive. It's colorful, abstraction of a compass stands out at a distance and is made specifically to be visually appealing to all ages. Read More

Historical Mural by Dan Hatala

Depicting a reminder of Clive during simpler days, the gas station and the train are representations of how Clive looked during this time period. A collaborative project between Clive Historical Society and Clive Public Art Commission. Read More

Hope by Hilde DeBruyne

A special piece offering encouragement and healing to women facing breast cancer diagnosis. Read More

Oriental Bell by Mike Christensen

Originally on display in the artist's own yard, this piece is made of recycled steel and a polished aluminum cylinder. The bell is functional and emits a beautiful clear note when struck. Read More

Paths Unite by James A. Bearden

Selected from the inaugural Art Along the Trail this sculpture is part of a larger series known as the Contour Series. The piece is an investigation of volumetric form and constructivist abstraction. Read More

Prairie Engine by Mark Moulton

Prairie Engine recalls the early days of the railroad and its importance in the development of Clive.  The sculpture conveys the power and movement of a by-gone era and historically connects Clive’s past to the present. Read More

Radiance by Peter Marasco

Campbell Recreation Area which is just east of the location of the sculpture was named to honor the heritage of the area.  Peter used this area as inspiration for Radiance, and donated the design to the city in 2013. Read More

Seahorse by Tim Adams

Seahorse is constructed of recycled steel tube welded together. Simple repetition in this simple shape creates the sense of movement that is the impetus to this piece. Read More

Slow Awakening by Stephanie Sailer

The artwork depicts a seedpod unfurling new life.  Tendrils are seen in a moment of unraveling, as they stretch and reach toward the sky after winter hibernation Read More

Trail and Woods Behind my Neighborhood by Maria Cervantes

Maria Cervantes works in the abstract and created the beautiful Trail and Woods Behind my Neighborhood based on the natural habitat that surrounds her home.  She hopes to give the onlooker the same sense she has of harmony and peace. Read More

Views from the Valley by Chris Vance

These murals are the result of a collaborative project between local artist Chris Vance and the West Des Moines Valley High School painting class. Once the paintings were completed by the students, Chris used them as an inspiration. Read More

What We Love About Clive by Sarah Grant

The artwork promotes a sense of belonging and creates a friendly space for schoolchildren, pedestrians, and those traveling through the area to enjoy.  Each tile has textural engraving with contoured lines depicting the artistic imagery. Read More