Art Along the Trail 2021

City of Clive Public Arts Program Call to Artists
Issued November 2021


The Clive Public Art Commission invites you to apply to participate in the tenth annual Art Along the Trail public art exhibition.  Art Along the Trail is a temporary outdoor exhibit, displayed along Clive’s landmark feature, the Greenbelt Park and Trail system, from April 2021 through November 2021. This call to artists provides an opportunity for artists to submit 2D or 3D artwork for consideration. A selection panel will choose nine original sculptures or paintings. The artist retains ownership of their 3D work and agrees to loan it to the exhibition.  2D artwork submitted will be painted directly to the Greenbelt Trail or adjacent publicly owned structure and allowed to naturally wear off or displayed at one of the installation locations.  The art pieces will be displayed in highly visible sites along the Clive Greenbelt.  In 2021 the City of Clive is wishing to apply the theme of “water” to the Art Along the Trail program.  Proposed pieces should relate to water in some way.

2D artworks are an entry option for artists.  If selected, artists can paint their creation in a 10’x10’ section of trail or public facility chosen by the city, or display their painting at one of the art installation locations.  Artists considering this option must submit a rough sketch of the artwork they are considering.  In the event this artwork is selected to be purchased and added to the City’s permanent art collection, artists who chose to have their work directly on the trail will reproduce the painting on a surface that can be hung or displayed in another location.  The cost of this reproduction would be the price listed in the application the City will pay the artist for the permanent artwork.

Selected artists will receive a $1,000 stipend for the loan of their 3D artwork, or for their 2D painting.   The City of Clive may purchase one or more of the entries at the conclusion of the exhibition for permanent placement at locations throughout the City. There is no application fee.  The City of Clive reserves the right to photograph and reproduce images of the artwork on exhibition for promotional and educational purposes.


If you are interested in having your work considered, you may submit up to three entries.  All artwork must be the original work of the artist:  a first, in concept, composition and execution.  The work must be suitable for outdoor public display and not have been publicly displayed in an adjacent community within the last five years.  Artworks entered cannot exceed a sales value of $15,000.  Along with photographs of the artwork, artists must apply for each entry which will include:

  • An artist’s statement about the artwork, it’s relation to the theme of water and include the date of creation
  • A detailed explanation of how the piece will be secured or anchored when installed (see installation section below).
  • A list of professional references
  • A brief artist biography outlining credentials and relevant experience with public art commissions

The application is included below and also available online at the City of Clive website at  Please complete the form and submit all information electronically to Tiffany Belieu, Administrative Assistant at  If you prefer to send a hard copy please forward those to the following address:

Art Along the Trail Applications
Attn: Tiffany Belieu, Administrative Assistant
City of Clive
Leisure Services Department
1900 NW 114th St
Clive, IA 50325

Applications must be submitted by 5 p.m. CST on Friday, January 8, 2021.  For further information, please contact Tiffany Belieu at 515-223-5246 or

Works will be selected by an Art Along the Trail Selection Panel comprised of two members of the City’s Parks and Recreation Board, two members of the Public Art Commission, one City Council member, one Clive business owner representative from the Chamber of Commerce, and one member of the local art community.  The Panel will use the following selection criteria:

Required Artwork Characteristics

  • Suitability for family viewing
  • Display of high-quality technical skill, imagination, innovation
  • Suitability for outdoor display in adverse weather conditions
  • Soundness of construction, durability and safety of artwork

Desirable Artwork Characteristics

  • Artwork that is easily visible from the trail creating a sense of discovery, surprise and intimacy
  • Artwork that uses kinetic devices, optical effects, dynamic shapes or bright colors to celebrate trail users’ sense of movement and motion.
  • Artwork that ties into Clive’s brand- “Distinct By Nature”
  • Artwork that is participatory
  • Artwork that is whimsical, uplifting, and creative

Location of Artwork

The nearly 12-mile Clive Greenbelt Trail winds its way along Walnut Creek, through scenic, heavily wooded areas.  It is one of the Des Moines metro’s premier bike and running trails.  The trail links many parks and recreation areas and connects to the 57-mile Raccoon River Valley Trail and the Des Moines trail system which then connects to the Urbandale system, the Jordan Creek Trail, and the Bill Riley Trail.  The City has selected nine major trailhead/park locations along the Greenbelt for art placement which will maximize visibility and enhance the trail users’ enjoyment.  The City reserves the right to designate the exhibition location of selected artwork.


Artists are responsible for all costs, equipment and labor necessary for the delivery, installation and removal of their work and assume all risk and damage to their work before and during installation and during and after removal. The sculptures will be insured by the City of Clive up to the purchase value of the sculpture after installation while on exhibition.  A level, 4x4 foot concrete pad and some with an anchored 3x3 foot steel plate will be provided for securing the sculptures. 2D artworks will be painted directly onto the trail at specific locations determined by the city or displayed at one of the installation locations.  Artworks need to be in place by April 1, 2021.

Work not appropriate for installation onto a concrete base/steel plate, will be addressed on a case-by-case basis with the artist.  The artists will install the work under the supervision of City personnel.  Lighting and power will not be provided at the locations.  The Artist shall affix their art work to the steel plate with locking bolts to prevent tampering or removal of the art work by non-authorized parties.    


Each selected piece of artwork will have a pre-determined sale price, up to a maximum of $15,000.  The City of Clive may purchase one or more of the exhibited artworks for placement at permanent locations throughout the City.  If chosen, the artist agrees to sell the artwork to the City for the pre-determined purchase price.  The $1,000 stipend provided to the artists will be credited against the purchase price for 3D artworks selected. If a 2D entry is selected by the city, the artist will be paid the amount indicated on the application for reproduction.  Artwork must remain on display throughout the duration of the exhibition.

The City of Clive will promote the fact that all artworks are for sale. If artworks are purchased by a private buyer, 5% of the total purchase price must be returned to the Clive Public Art Commission. 

Project Timeline

  • Call to Artists issued                                                               November 2020
  • Applications due                                                                     January 8, 2021, 5 p.m. CST
  • Selection Panel Deliberations                                                 January/February, 2021
  • Public Art Commission approves recommendation               February 3, 2021
  • City Council approves recommendation                                February 11, 2021
  • Selection Notifications to Artists                                           February 15, 2021
  • Delivery and Installation of artwork completed                     April 1, 2021
  • Kick-Off Celebration                                                              TBA
  • Exhibition End Date/Deadline for Removal of Artwork       November 30, 2021

The City of Clive reserves the right to change the project timeline.

City of Clive Public Art Program

 The Clive Public Art Program was established by the City Council in December 2007.  The Public Arts Advisory Commission was established at that time to oversee the operations of the public art program.  As part of the City’s commitment to enhance the ‘Distinct by Nature’ character of Clive with the addition of art in public places, the City Council provided direct appropriation funding for public art.  Since approval of the Master Plan, the City has awarded four commissions to artists to create artwork.  The Art Along the Trail exhibition will continue the City’s efforts to promote aesthetic excellence and enhance the artistic vitality of Clive.

How to Apply:

Artists interested in this project must prepare and submit the materials detailed below on the form provided.  Additional information may be required at the discretion of the City.

  • The application form for each entry should include:
    • Detailed list of materials used if submitting a 3D sculpture

    • A sketch of the proposed 10’x10’ painting if submitting 2D artwork

    • An artist’s statement about the artwork

    • A detailed explanation of how the piece will be secured or anchored when installed if submitting 3D art

    • A description of the type of paints that will be used to create the artwork if submitting a 2D entry.

    • A list of professional references

    • A brief artist biography outlining credentials and relevant experience with public art commissions

  • Six photographs (in JPEG or PDF format) of the artwork if submitting 3D artwork.
  • One sketch of proposed painting if submitting a 2D artwork.