Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8 Single Day Tournament Information - Sunday, April 11th

Location:  Special Events Building at 1801 NW 114th Street in Clive, IA next to the Clive Aquatic Center.
Entry Fee: FREE! Registration is required.
Tournament start time: 2:00pm

Participant Requirements

  • Must have a Nintendo switch with Internet access to bring with on game day.
  • Must have a copy (digital or cartridge) of Mario Kart 8
  • Must have online Nintendo Account membership (see here for more details)
  • Discord communications account.

Communications and conduct

  • Room invites, and access will be sent to participants via discord.
  • Due to rounds happening simultaneously, race results will be requested via discord with a photo verification.
  • Player gamer tags/names must be appropriate for public viewing. 
    • Any player with a gamer tag/name that is offensive, inappropriately suggestive, and/or not family oriented will be banned from the tournament all together.
    • Cursing, insulting, name calling, or any forms of virtual harassment will not be tolerated.  If this occurs, player will be banned from the tournament.

General Tournament Overview

  • Double-Elimination Bracket (Bracket format subject to change dependent on number of entries).
  • Players will play up to 4 players per race.
  • 4 races each per round.
  • A round ends when all races within the round has been completed, or time runs out, which ever happens first.
  • Top two winners will advance to the Mario bracket, while bottom two racers advance to the Wario Bracket.  Placement is determined by highest point value of players within the race set.
  • In the event of a tie, racers will go into a one race sudden death match set by the tournament organizer.
  • All participants will following social distancing and mask guidelines at the event.

Race Rules (set by organizer):

  • Up to 4 racers per race
  • 150cc
  • No teams
  • Normal items
  • No Computer Racers
  • All vehicles
  • Smart Steering off

Spots are limited.  Click to sign up today!
For questions and further details, please contact Recreation Coordinator Brian Longren at