Social Distancing in Parks

Welcome to the beautiful parks in Clive. Visit the Greenbelt Park and Trail from your nearby neighborhood connection or one of the seven trail heads with parking for your vehicle. Take a stroll, ride your bike, jog, dust off those rollerblades and enjoy all the natural scenery that's abundant in most of the 297 acres of this premier park in our City.


Future Park Locations and Amenities

  • Alice's Road Park Site
    • The City owns nearly 20 acres along the west side of Alice's Road just north of Little Walnut Creek. Plans will be developed in the coming years for amenities for this new park.
  • Alice's Road Greenbelt Trail
    • With the assistance of grant funds from the Iowa Department of Transportation State Recreational Trails Fund, the trail and bridge have been completed.
  • Greenbelt Addition West of Alice's Road
    • With the assistance of REAP grant funds, the City purchased 53 acres along Little Walnut Creek.