General Best Practices

The Greenbelt Trail is a wonderful asset for Clive and its surrounding communities.  To help maintain best practices on the trail we have gathered a few suggestions to make your experience on the trail enjoyable and safe.

  • Share the Trail

The trail is used by many people of all mobility.  Walkers and riders should be aware of their surroundings and accommodate traffic by moving to the right when a user at a higher rate of speed is passing.  Also be aware of your speed while passing and be sure to acknowledge your presence if on a bike by stating your position.

  • Stay Aware

It is important to remain aware while on the trail.  Keep alert for other users as well as animals, traffic and motorways.  This may include turning down music or removing one headphone to accommodate for noise or issues.

  • Stay on the Trail

Though there are several spots that appear "open" or "clear," the only sanctioned space for walking and biking is the paved trail maintained by Clive work crews and any noted detours.  If you have questions about where you can walk or ride please call the Parks and Recreation office at 515-223-5246.

  • Report Suspicious Activity

If you see something suspicious don’t hesitate to contact us.  For emergencies, please contact the police at the emergency 911.  For non-emergencies contact the non-emergency number at 515-222-3321 or the Clive Parks and recreation office at 515-223-5246.

COVID-19 Precautions

  • Maintain Social Distance - Stay 6 Feet Apart. No gatherings, no contact.
  • Be cautions when using benches, shelters, restrooms and playgrounds as these surfaces are not disinfected or done so infrequently.
  • Slow Down and Watch. Other users are on the trail. Travel single file and announce when pacing. Stay on your side of the trail.
  • Cover your face and sanitize your hands. Park restrooms are open for hand washing but keeping hand sanitizer with you is recommended.