Greenbelt Landing

The Greenbelt Landing Project is a plan for enhancing 14.89 acres located on the east side of NW 114th Street in Clive, just outside the Aquatic Center. This project will enhance recreational opportunities, improve water quality, and help maintain wildlife habitat in a park contiguous with the larger Clive Greenbelt.

Festival Grounds

Plans for the updated space include enhancements for community gathering, nature exploration, exercise and engagement with the outdoors and include the following highlights:

  • A stormwater treatment wetland of native plant species will be created to infiltrate and filter stormwater.
  • An ADA-accessible boardwalk will provide educational access to visitors. 
  • Enhanced and restored riparian upland and lowland habitat using native plantings and create
  • ADA access to Walnut Creek.
  • Updates to the pond area that include a staging area for concerts and programming.
  • Aligning the Special Events Builiding rental facility with public use demands.

special events

This project is being made possible through grants, city funds and fundraising. If you would like to learn more about our partnership with Clive Community Foundation or make a donation you can visit their website. The Greenbelt Landing project is the first phase of a set of three projects the City of Clive is undertaking known as the Greenbelt Triad Project.
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