The City of Clive uses Otocast as a tool for citizens and visitors to engage with our public art. The app shows art locations and allows visitors to hear about the pieces with recordings done by the artists of the work. This year Otocast has implemented a new program where users earn virtual badges for visiting public art. The City of Clive is offering a limited-edition pin (while supplies last) to those who visit all 9 Art Along the Trail installations and returns to the Clive Public Library with proof completion. See how to download Otocast below and get started today!

Follow the Instructions Below to Visit All 9 Sculptures and Earn Your Pin

         Step 1         Step 3         Step 2      
         Step One: Download the Otocast app                 Step Two: You will be asked to share your          Step Three: this is an optional feature
         from the app store on your smart device.            location, it is required to earn badges.                you can change in settings if desired.
         Step 4         Step 5         Step 6
        Step Four: Click the small white ribbon in            Step Five: You will be prompted to sign up         Step Six: the sign in screen offers the use
         the top left corner to start earning badges.          (minimal information is required).                        of an apple account or to sign up with email.
         Step 7         Step 8         Step 9
         Step Seven: This screen prompts you to            Step Eight: You can check your progress            Step Nine: Use the map to locate the art
         to earn badges when the app opens.                  at the white ribbon in corner any time.                 you haven't visited.
         Step 10         Step 11         Step 12
         Step Ten: Approach art. You must be                  Step Eleven: After all 9 sculptures are                Step 12: Return to the Clive Library and show 
         within approx. 4 feet of the installation.               visited you get a completion confirmation            proof of completion to receive the pin above (penny for size)

Still having trouble? Feel free to call or email Tiffany at (515) 223-5246 or via email at tbelieu@cityofclive.com - or if you prefer to have in-person technical help please call the Library at (515) 453-2221 and set up a Tech Tutor appointment with Tiffany to help get your phone ready for your adventure with art!