Art Along the Trail

Art Along the Trail is a temporary outdoor exhibit - displayed along Clive’s landmark feature, the Greenbelt Park and Trail system,  this outdoor exhibit runs from May through October each year.  These art pieces are displayed in highly visible sites along the Greenbelt. Works are selected by an Art Along the Trail Selection Panel comprised of two members of the City’s Park Board, two members of the Public Art Commission, one City council member, one Clive resident or Clive business owner representative from the Chamber of Commerce, and one member of the local art community.

The Clive Public Art Program was established by the City Council in December 2007.  The Public Arts Advisory Commission was established at that time to oversee the operations of the public art program.  As part of the City’s commitment to enhance the ‘Distinct by Nature’ character of Clive with the addition of art in public places, the City Council adopted direct appropriation funding for public art. Since the approval of the Master Plan, the City has awarded three commissions to artists to create artwork.  The Art Along the Trail exhibition will continue the City’s efforts to promote aesthetic excellence and enhance the artistic vitality of Clive.

Funding for Art Along the Trail is provided by:


Blue Heron with its Reflection in the Water  by Sue Berkey

This steel sculpture shows the transitory nature of water and its inhabitants, Blue Heron with its Reflection in the Water is an expression of beauty in what can and cannot be seen. Read More

Channel by Brian Joseph Bickel

An industrial piece using re-purposed pipe-fittings, Channel evokes the concept of flow. Exploring interconnections and synchronicity this piece emulates the whimsy of trail travel. Read More

Critics Corner by Craig Snyder and Judd Nelson

Critics Corner is a steel sculpture that draws eyes to the top of its impressive 11 foot stature where the critics perch. Read More

Dispersing Growth by James Bearden

Constructed from steel and representing elements in nature, Dispersing Growth is an imagining of a mature plant and it's seeds. Read More

Hands by V. Skip Willits

A whimsical kinetic sculpture, Hands is meant to move gently in the wind evoking a welcoming presence. Read More

Mother and Child by Albert Rhea

This large steel sculpture depicting it's title subject Mother and Child makes a powerful statement about the unconditional love a mother and her child share. Read More

Scions Bee by Kristin Garnant

A towering piece at 16 feet tall, Scions Bee is reminiscent of the willow. The long fronds sway in the breeze and evoke elements of nature caught and moved by the wind. Read More

Shifting Gear by Hilde DeBruyne

Shifting Gear is a contemporary sculpture in colorful metal. A playful piece, evoking bike usage and exploration of the outdoors. Read More

Stalk 10052REH400-1

Exploring chance encounters with industrial relics across the United States, Stalk was made from both found and fabricated materials. Commenting on the industrialization of food, crops and land, a beautiful reaction to our changing landscape. Read More