Art Along the Trail

Art Along the Trail is a temporary outdoor exhibit - displayed along Clive’s landmark feature, the Greenbelt Park and Trail system,  this outdoor exhibit runs from May through October each year.  These art pieces are displayed in highly visible sites along the Greenbelt. Works are selected by an Art Along the Trail Selection Panel comprised of two members of the City’s Park Board, two members of the Public Art Commission, one City council member, one Clive resident or Clive business owner representative from the Chamber of Commerce, and one member of the local art community.

The Clive Public Art Program was established by the City Council in December 2007.  The Public Arts Advisory Commission was established at that time to oversee the operations of the public art program.  As part of the City’s commitment to enhance the ‘Distinct by Nature’ character of Clive with the addition of art in public places, the City Council adopted direct appropriation funding for public art.  Since the approval of the Master Plan, the City has awarded three commissions to artists to create artwork.  The Art Along the Trail exhibition will continue the City’s efforts to promote aesthetic excellence and enhance the artistic vitality of Clive.

Funding for Art Along the Trail is provided by:


Animal Lover by Gail Chavenelle

Fun and whimsical while still maintaining sculptural integrity and flow this minimal design explores sheet metal as paper. The sculpture defines space by the bend of the sheet metal. People are encouraged to interact with the piece. Read More

Emerging by Hilde DeBruyne

A contemporary abstract organic sculpture in steel which is painted bright orange. Wings out of a cocoon shape, referring to the metamorphosis of butterflies. Read More

Letting Go by Judd Nelson

This sculpture evocative of inevitable change and its acceptance has a modern aesthetic. Style is fluid and spontaneous, intent upon capturing movement and natural gestures typical of animal and person. Read More

Parent and Child by Albert Rhea

Part of a series of six outdoor works, this particular piece displays the wanting, needing and loving creating a timeless homage to special bonds. Read More

River Run by Craig Snyder

Tumbling flows of rushing water imbue the land with myriad topographies. This piece is evocative of the freedom of the river. Read More

Seda-Meta-Igneo (The Rock Cycle) by Tim Adams

This sculpture depicts a rocks cycle of creation from molten rock to sedimentary. With a moveable wind component, this piece is a study in nature. Read More

Sisters by Tim Adams

Sisters represent similarity and contrast. Together they are capable of great achievements, alone they are distinct individuals sharing an invisible force field and a connection that binds them. Read More

Succulent Bloom by Mike Sneller

Made up of three sections that are flat and reflective on the inside, with a rounded oxidized outside and more flat reflective cutouts. It is made to resemble various desert plants. Read More

Wounded by Ben Pierce

Odd angles, juxtaposed lines with a circle in the center. These components along with the raw steel and blue paint work simultaneously to compliment and contradict. Read More