Swimming Lessons

Due to concerns surrounding COVID-19, the Clive Aquatic Center will be offering limited programming as we phase back into operations for the 2020 summer season.  Click below the corresponding program square for more program information.

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How do I know which swimming level to enroll in?

How long are lessons?

How many instructors are there per student for group lessons?

Should my child take group or private lessons?

What is the inclement weather policy?

Do you offer make-ups for missed swim lesson classes?

What happens if my child (or myself) is less or more advanced than the other children in the enrolled class?

Can I request lessons to be taught by a specific instructor?

Do you offer an adpative programming for those with special abilities?

I don't understand why last summer my child (or myself) was swimming and very comfortable in the water but this year it seems like the skills were lost?

I feel like the learning/progression is going slower than I like?  What should I do?

Is there anything I can do outside of class to help my swimmer's learning progress?