Season Passes

Early Bird Season Pass Pricing

(Through Tuesday, March 31 — full price resumes on Wednesday, April 1)*

*The City of Clive is heeding the CDC's warning to close our office to the public but we are still processing pool pass memberships (see process below).

Benefits of obtaining a Clive Season Pass:

  • Grants access to Clive Aquatic Center without paying the daily admission fee for open swim and non-registration required water exercise programs.

  • Our partnership with West Des Moines Parks and Recreation allows, during the season, passes to be used at Valley View and Holiday Aquatic Centers.

How do I purchase a season pass?

  1.  To purchase a pool pass, please click here to download the form.  Print and complete the form.

  2.  Complete the information on the form accordingly.  Please include an email address so we may email you a receipt.

    1.  List all potential pass holders in the designated section. 
    2.  If looking to get a nanny pass, please call us at 515-223-5246 for assistance.
    3.  Payment must be made before passes will be issued.
    4.  Form and payment can be:

Photos must be obtained for each pass purchased.  If you are a returning pass holder from the 2019 season, no photo will be needed.  If you are purchasing for the first time, a photo must be taken before passes are issued.

Until further notice, photos can be taken and fobs will be issued at the aquatic center once open for the season.

Where can I purchase season passes?

When can I start purchasing my season pass?

What qualifies resident versus non-resident pass holder pricing?

Who may be included on my household season pass?

After I purchase my season pass, what facilities can I access with it?

What if I lose my season pass?

How long may I use the season pass?

If I have extenuating circumstances and would like to request the cancellation of my season pass, what do I need to do and what is the season pass refund policy?

I've purchased a couple daily passes, but now want to get a season pass.  Can I apply the daily admission cost toward the season pass cost?