Regulations on Size and Total Square Footage of Yard Signs in Clive

The 2020 general election is a month away and campaign activity is ramping up.  The City encourages civil and robust participation in elections.  Please note that the City's ordinance on temporary signs on residential properties applies to all signs, including political candidate, party,  and issue signs. 

No permit is required for residential temporary signs, and the City's sign ordinance doesn't restrict any signs based on content.  The ordinance does limit the total square footage of a sign or collection of signs displayed on a residential property.

Residential properties are entitled to a total of 6 square feet of temporary sign area for up to 90 days annually. When a property is for sale, it is entitled to an additional 6 square feet of temporary sign area. A minimum of 10-feet of separation is required between temporary signs, and a 5-foot property line setback is required. Temporary signs cannot be located in the public right-of-way.

In practice, this means that no more than two 1.5 x 3-foot signs (typical dimensions for a political campaign sign) or one 2 x 3-foot sign may be displayed on a residential property.  "Barn signs" like the 4 x 8-foot political signs oftentimes mounted on fences may not be displayed on residential properties.  However, these larger style signs may be displayed on commercial properties.

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