City Condemns Killing of George Floyd; Asks for Peaceful Protesting

Clive Mayor Scott Cirksena’s statement on the killing of George Floyd and demonstrations calling for justice:

The killing of yet another black person—George Floyd—while in the custody of law enforcement is tearing the fabric of communities across the country.  In the Des Moines Metro, peaceful demonstrators have responded with solidarity, resolve, intensity, and focus.  They rightly demand justice, and that their community leaders listen and take action.  We hear them, and will work collectively with others for as long as it takes to heal our community, ensure that everyone—regardless of race or ethnicity—has equal protection of the laws, and that all of us have a chance to create a better future for our friends and loved ones.

The City of Clive is committed to making sure protests are safe and lawful, and to supporting our neighboring law enforcement agencies.  A handful of opportunistic individuals have tried to hijack recent events and spread chaos and violence.  In the strongest terms, we condemn their actions.  That is not the appropriate way to seek justice and create positive change.

Tonight and in the coming days, there will likely be more protests, possibly events near commercial corridors in and around Clive.  The City encourages all residents and businesses to take the following steps:

  • For residents and businesses in Polk County, follow the stay at home curfew order.  Tonight (Monday, 6/1) businesses should close no later than 9:00 and residents need to stay at home.
  • Follow local media to stay aware of where demonstrations are happening so you do no inadvertently encounter one.
  • Clive Police and other jurisdictions are prepared to make sure demonstrations are peaceful and that any individuals who attempt to destroy property or harm others are removed from the protests.  If you choose to protest, do so peacefully.  Be safe.
  • Do not congregate around demonstration areas simply to gawk.