NEW Free Cardboard Drop-off in Clive

Over-run with cardboard that won’t fit in your Curb It! cart? Visit the new free cardboard drop-off located at Clive Public Works, 2123 NW 111th Street in Clive! Simply remove the packing material and flatten the box, then it will slide right in. 

The City of Clive is partnering with Metro Waste Authority to bring this convenient resource closer to home. The container can be accessed 24/7. When you have over-sized boxes or too much for your cart, drop it off!

Lifestyles have changed and people now have more cardboard at home than ever before. Call it the Amazon effect, but sometimes there’s just too much for the cart. Leaving extra material next to the cart won’t get it picked up, so we’re making dropping it off easier. 

The container only accepts cardboard - that’s the brown stuff like the smiling boxes from Amazon. Those in the biz call it corrugated, the type with waved ridges in the middle. The flat as a pancake, thin stuff, with your favorite soda or cereal inside, are actually paper – not cardboard.

Metro Waste Authority wants to help you be a recycling expert. If you’re ever wondering where it should go, check out or call 515.244.0021.