Help Shape the University Ave Corridor Plan

The Cities of Clive and West Des Moines have joined forces to create a coordinated redevelopment plan for the University Avenue Corridor.

The University Avenue Corridor, between 22nd Street/NW 86th Street and I-35/80, is a long-standing center for retail and office within the Des Moines metro area. Over time, changes to both the Metro and the nature of retail and office development have shifted the dynamics of the corridor impacting many properties.

The Cities of Clive and West Des Moines recognize the importance of keeping the area thriving and are committed to implementing a proactive plan to strengthen the resiliency of this important corridor. To obtain the community’s input and help guide decision-making and prioritization for this plan, the Cities have set up a project website with a series of engagement exercises that are open to the public through June 30. 

Additional information regarding this plan can also be found on the project website: