Mayor's February 2021 Community Column

In his February 2021 column, Mayor Scott Cirksena writes about how the city is a reliable, caring, and trustworthy partner to residents and businesses navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Greetings Clive neighbors and business partners,

Happy New Year.  We’ve leapt into 2021, and so many of the difficulties we faced in 2020 have come with us.  We have serious and consequential work ahead of us to end the pandemic, retool our economy, and heal our democracy.  Our capacity for greatness and goodness is awesome, though, and If we help each other be our best selves, we will bind up our wounds and thrive in the months ahead.

As a city, how will Clive amplify the potential for greatness and goodness in each of us? 

First, we are going to be excellent and consistent with our services in every Clive neighborhood.  In my experience, when you’re facing challenges in one part of your life you need other parts to be dependable.  Clive residents can depend on their city.  We can depend on our plowing teams to have streets clear and safe after a snow storm.  We can depend on city staff being responsive and helpful if we have an issue with our water or garbage services.  And we can absolutely depend on our first responders to arrive quickly when we call for their help.  Our well-placed confidence in Clive’s core services and infrastructure gives us each more capacity and time for our careers, education, and relationships.       

Second, we’re going to continue to be disciplined.  When the community faces emergencies that demand immediate attention, we still have to be fiscally prudent and maintain momentum on strategic priorities that will create value long after the present crises have passed.  That’s why in 2021, we’re going to keep property taxes flat at $10.14 per $1000 of valuation for the sixth straight year.  We’re going to complete construction on the Clive Public Safety Center which has been thoughtfully designed to meet our needs for decades to come.  We’re going to invest over $8 million in street rehabilitations and reconstructions including the next phase of the Clark Street project.  And we’re going to continue being good stewards of the Clive Greenbelt by maintaining and extending the trail and improving spaces where we come together like Greenbelt Landing.     

Third, we’re going to create opportunities for good health, personal growth, and joy.  I’m thrilled that in February we will help cut the ribbon on the new Clive Behavioral Health facility.  The women and men on that team will help thousands of people heal and live better lives.   Later this spring, we’ll be installing the latest set of sculptures in our annual Art Along the Trail show which adds beauty and interest to our parks.  And as soon as we see buds on invasive plant species like honeysuckle this spring, the Greenbelt Goats will be out chewing away.  The goats never fail to put smiles on the faces of kids and adults who stop by to watch them work. 

As a country, we have difficult work ahead of us.  It’s going to require great heart, strength, and unity to get past the pandemic and other obstacles.  As a city, Clive will continue to be a consistent, reliable, and caring partner to residents and businesses.  Our city will support us as we strive to be our best selves and contribute to the next positive chapter in the story of America.

It’s an honor and privilege to serve as your Mayor.  I welcome your ideas about how we can make our community more prosperous and resilient for all.