Mobile Food Unit License

In March of 2017 the City of Clive adopted Ordinance 1030 for the permitting and regulation of mobile food units, commonly referred to as “food trucks,” but is applicable to any form of mobile food vending, including push carts, trailers, trucks, etc.  Click here to view the full ordinance.

If you are a Clive business intending to host Mobile Food Vendors on your premise, please click here for general guidlines and a list of permitted vendors.

It is unlawful to engage in mobile food vending without first obtaining a mobile food unit license.

Click here to print an application form.

A mobile food unit license is an annual license that expires on April 15 each year and must be renewed prior to the first event after that date

All mobile food units that have cooking facilities or use products with grease laden vapors, (Class III and Class IV state licenses) shall be inspected annually by the Fire Department prior to initiation of business operations within the city.  To schedule an inspection, please call 223-1595.  *Please bring your Mobile Food Unit Permit Application with you to the inspection.  If your mobile food unit has passed inspection in another jurisdiction, your inspection requirement and inspection fee may be waived at the discretion of the Clive Fire Marshal.

After the fire inspection (if applicable), please turn your completed application and application fee(s) in to the Clive City Clerk’s Office at:

1.636270779051670000Clive City Hall
City Clerk’s Office
1900 NW 114th Street
Clive, Iowa  50325

Fee Schedule:

Standard Mobile Food Unit License Fee............. $100 annually
Restricted Mobile Food Unit License Fee........... $50 annually
        - Fresh Raw Produce Sales Only
Class III and IV MFU Fire inspection................. $70 annually

Upon completion of the review process and a determination of compliance with the applicable regulations, the city clerk will issue a mobile food unit license

Mobile Food Vending… When and Where?
The statements below are general guidelines that in no way supersede or take the place of any applicable City Code.

2.636270779048570000Public Property/Parks:
No mobile food unit may be operated on public property except as part of an approved event under a Public Property Special Event Permit or within a City Park as authorized by the City of Clive. Requests for authorization to vend within a City Park or greenway (not as part of a City permitted Public Property Special Event) may be submitted no less than five (5) days and no more than fifteen (15) days prior to the requested day of vending.  Vending on public property is limited to the granted hours of the related Public Property Special Event Permit or the posted hours of the corresponding City Park.  Want to vend in a Park?  Call 515-223-5246 First!

Commercial/Industrial Property:
The mobile food vendor must obtain expressed written consent of the property owner or lessee to use the property on which they propose to operate. The written consent must be kept in the unit at all times that the unit is on the property.  Vending on commercial, industrial or office properties is limited to the posted operating hours of the consenting business hosting the mobile food vendor, unless the vending location is within 300 feet of a residential property, in which case hours would be limited between 7:00 a.m. and 10:30 p.m.  Want to vend in a business’s parking lot? Get their written permission First and operate during their hours, unless it’s close to a house!

Residential Property:
Mobile food units are only allowed to vend on residential properties as part of an approved residential block party or private catering arrangement, so long as it is in compliance with all other city code requirements related to residential property.  Vending on residential property is limited to the hours between 7:00 a.m. and 10:30 p.m.  Want to vend at a house?  Only if it’s for a permitted block party or if you are catering a private event.  

3.636270779049800000Setup and Teardown:
Mobile food units may typically enter a property up one half hour (30 minutes) prior to the usual posted opening time of the corresponding business or City Park and must depart from the property no later than one half hour (30 minutes) after the usual posted closing time of the corresponding business or City Park.  In the case of operating a mobile food unit on non-residential property where the corresponding business(es) does not have usual posted business operating hours or operates on a 24 hour type basis, the mobile food unit may not remain on the premise for longer than 18 hours and must depart for at least 6 hours before re-entering unless operating under an approved Public Property Special Event permit.  You’ve typically got 30 minutes to setup and 30 minutes to teardown.

Please contact the City Clerk's office if you have any questions: