Clive Library Stay at Home Challenge

Want a fun way to spend some time while social distancing? Clive Public Library has a Stay at Home Challenge that is fun to complete and you can enter into a drawing for a prize! See the requirements and rules below. 

Visit here for a printable version.

Adults, 18 and up - complete 10 items for an entry into our drawing. Complete all 20 items for two entries. You can email your completed challenge to or or bring it in to the library after we reopen.  Entries are due 7 days after we reopen.  The prize will be a gift card to one our local small businesses. Stay home! Stay healthy! We look forward to seeing you when we reopen!

Clive Library Adult Stay at Home Challenge

We’re continuing our 20th Birthday celebration with a challenge
 of 20 things you can do while staying at home!

¨  Read the book you’ve always been meaning to read – we know it’s there gathering dust somewhere!

¨  Reread your favorite book (childhood books count).

¨  Read a magazine (online counts).

¨  Read a newspaper (online counts).

¨  Read or listen to a book for 30 minutes outside in the back yard.

¨  Read aloud for 30 minutes to your family or your pet or yourself.

¨  Look at every tab on the Clive Library website.

¨  Look at the Clive Library Facebook page and follow or like it if you haven’t already done so.

¨  Search for and read a recent positive news article that is NOT about the pandemic.

¨  Read a blog post.

¨  Listen to a podcast.

¨  Explore at least one online resource offered on the Clive Library website.

¨  Read a new recipe and make something new with ingredients you already have in your kitchen or pantry.

¨  Make a craft or fix something that has been on your to do list.

¨  Clean out a closet (you can listen to the podcast or an audio book while checking this one off the list).

¨  Communicate (text, call or write) with someone you know who can’t get out.

¨  Read the instructions to a new game before playing it.

¨  Try an online fitness or wellness class (There are five minute stretching sessions on YouTube – you can do this!)

¨  Read an additional book, but only one read one chapter a day. (This one doesn’t have to be completed by the end of the challenge – just started.)

¨  Write down something you are thankful for every day.